$46.5 billion to debt | April 8, 2024

This year, Canada will spend $46.5 billion to service the growing debt. This is more money than the government is sending the provinces for health care.

Struggling families can’t afford higher taxes and more inflationary spending that drives up the cost of everything and keeps interest rates high. That is why Common Sense Conservatives sent a letter to Justin Trudeau with three demands to fix the budget:

*Axe the tax on farmers and food by immediately passing Bill C-234 in its original form.

*Build the homes, not bureaucracy, by requiring cities permit 15% more home
building each year as a condition for receiving federal infrastructure money.

*Cap the spending with a dollar-for-dollar rule to bring down interest rates and inflation. The government must find a dollar in savings for every new dollar of spending.

Common Sense Conservatives will not agree to support the budget unless it axes the Trudeau tax on food, builds homes, not bureaucracy and caps the spending.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office