Poverty Surges in Canada | May 22, 2024

After nine years poverty and food insecurity continues to climb. Last year, food banks had to handle a record 2 million visits in a single month, with a million more people expected in 2024. And one in ten people in Toronto are having to rely on food banks to survive.

This misery was revealed again today through Food Bank Canada’s 2024 Poverty Report Card. This showed that almost 50 percent of Canadians feel financially worse off compared to last year while 25 percent of Canadians are experiencing food insecurity.

On top of this, Food Banks Canada reported that the cost of living has become so high that food banks have seen a 50 percent increase in visits since 2021. As a direct consequence of the Liberal/NDP Government’s inflationary spending and taxes, millions of Canadians are struggling to keep their heads above water. For this reason, Food Banks Canada downgraded the Trudeau Government’s grade of D in 2023 to a D – in 2024.

Canadians desperately need relief, but they are not listening. Last month, NDP supported to hike the carbon tax again by 23 percent, driving up the cost of gas, heating and food. On top of this, despite multiple warnings from Common Sense Conservatives, they decided to add $61 billion in new spending in his most recent budget, which will keep interest rates higher for longer, right as millions of Canadians renew their mortgages. As Food Banks Canada wrote in their report, “as poverty and food insecurity worsen in every corner of the country … most governments are not responding with the urgency that is needed.”

Only Common Sense Conservatives will cap the spending, axe the carbon tax, and bring home powerful paycheques for Canadians.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office