“Poverty Report Cards” | May 25, 2024

New “Poverty Report Cards” have been issued by Food Banks Canada, headlined by the claim that almost half of Canadians feel worse off than they were last year. The Salvation Army has also released some research showing that Canadians are having a harder time affording their housing and food costs.

Justin Trudeau and the NDP-Liberal government, more Canadians are hungry and homeless.

Despite multiple warnings from Common Sense Conservatives, Trudeau & NDP decided to add $61 billion in new spending in his most recent budget, which will keep interest rates higher for longer, right as millions of Canadians renew their mortgages.

Only Common Sense Conservatives will cap the spending, axe the carbon tax, and bring home powerful paycheques for Canadians.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office