We Need Real Help for Canada’s Agriculture Sector | May 6, 2020

Canada’s food supply chains depend on our farmers and producers. Conservatives understand how hard our agriculture sector has been hit by the current pandemic. Food production needs to be our government’s second highest priority after health care.

The announced $252 million for the agriculture sector offers some relief for processors but falls far short of the $2.6 billion the Canadian Federation of Agriculture say is needed to help the farming sectors during the pandemic. Sadly, we have learned that $125 million of it is a re-announcement of funds already budgeted under the Agri-Recovery program. This is a slap in the face to farmers and producers across the country. By way of contrast, the arts and sports sector got $500 million and students got $9 billion. Surely, we can do better for our producers who are facing troubling gaps in the food supply chain and uncertain markets.

Canada’s Conservatives will continue to press the Trudeau government for real help for our agriculture sector including reforming the Business Risk Management programs. We will always stand with our farmers and producers.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office