EI System Needs to be Fixed | Jun 13, 2020

Daily, constituents call my office expressing concerns about their eligibility for EI once their CERB runs out. Many will not be eligible for EI because they were not able to accumulate the required number of hours to qualify due to lay-offs triggered by the COVID-19 shutdown. Locally, we have heard from expectant mothers who may not qualify for maternal and parental leave. We also hear from Chrysler workers concerned about the impact of the shutdown on their eligibility should the anticipated third shift elimination proceed as planned in July.

Even before the pandemic, the EI system was not responding in a timely or adequate fashion to workers’ claims. I share UNIFOR’s concern that the system needs to be modified and streamlined on an urgent basis to cover what will be a wave of claims post the CERB.

I agree this is not the time for punitive measures. The system must become as flexible and generous as possible. I will do all I can as the MP for Essex to make the case for urgent changes to the EI system.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office