Conservatives Renew call for Automotive Action Plan

JUNE 18, 2020

OTTAWA, ON – Chris Lewis, Member of Parliament for Essex and Chair of the Conservative Auto Caucus, and Colin Carrie, Member of Parliament for Oshawa and Vice-Chair of the Conservative Auto Caucus, released the following statement regarding Ford Canada’s decision to end the allocation of its next-generation Edge crossover at the Oakville plant by 2023:

β€œIn light of this unexpected and concerning news, Conservatives are renewing our call for the Trudeau government to release an Automotive Action Plan.

“Auto worker, their families, and their communities can’t wait. There are 4,200 direct and hundreds more indirect jobs at stake. Without a new product by 2023, the Oakville plant will most certainly close.

“Conservatives are also calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to immediately reach out to Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Jerry Dias, National President of UNIFOR, Ford Canada and local government officials with one goal in mind: do what it takes to keep jobs in the Ford Oakville assembly plant.

“It will take a Team Canada effort to keep Ford Canada in Oakville. Action is needed now. Longer term, Canada also needs an Automotive Action Plan to ensure we keep our footprint in this highly competitive global market.

“Our Conservative team has been calling on the Trudeau Liberals for years to develop an Automotive Action Plan. This sector needs our help, not more foot dragging by this Liberal government.

“Conservatives will continue to stand up for Canada’s auto sector and those who work in it.”

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office