Finance Minister Bill Morneau Accepted $41,000 Illegally From WE Charity | Jul 23, 2020

Yesterday, we learned that Finance Minister Bill Morneau accepted $41,000 in illegal travel expenses from WE Charity for two trips in 2017.

Morneau repaid the expenses the same day he testified at Finance Committee.

Conservatives will be writing to the Ethics Commissioner to raise additional breaches of the Conflict of Interest Act based on the Minister’s testimony. The Ethics Commissioner has already launched an investigation into Morneau’s involvement in awarding a $900 million contract to WE.

Previously Morneau was found guilty of failing to disclose his French villa. He was also investigated by the Ethics Commissioner for introducing a pension bill that could directly benefit his family company.

Conservatives will continue to hold the Prime Minister and his government accountable. We will not rest until Canadians have answers.

Do you think Morneau should step down after this?

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office