Bill C-14: The Fall Economic Statement | Jan 25, 2021

Today, the House of Commons will debate Bill C-14.
This legislation will enact parts of the Fall Economic Statement.
This legislation:
  • Implements the spending authorities outlined in the Fall Economic Statement.
  • Amends the Income Tax Act to bring in the Canada Child Benefit top up.
  • Fixes the gap in the second version of the Liberals’ rent relief legislation.
  • Amends the Canada Student Loans and Canada Student Financial Assistance Act to stop charging interest on Canada Student Loans and Canada Apprentice Loans in 2021.
  • Amends the Food and Drugs Act to address therapeutic product shortages.
  • Amends the Borrowing Authority Act and the Financial Administration Act to increase the borrowing limit of the federal government.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office