“Working Across Party Lines and Jurisdiction” | Jan 28, 2021

David Epp, MP Chatham – Kent – Leamington:
My Member’s Statement expressing appreciation for regional co-operation with all levels of government dealing with complex issues:
Mr. Speaker, the first of over 14,000 essential guest workers are beginning to arrive in the Windsor-Essex region for this year’s agricultural season.
Leamington Mayor Hilda MacDonald has called me, and both the federal and provincial levels of the governments to be accountable for these workers. Together with Kingsville Mayor Nelson Santos and Warden Gary McNamara, they continue to press for more effective oversight of guest workers within their communities. Good for them. They are deserving of better answers than those to date.
Together with my colleagues from Essex, Windsor—Tecumseh, and Windsor West, we are working across party lines and jurisdictions to develop the answers the municipalities and local communities need. We look forward to working with industry to address these challenges for our more sustainable regional economy and quality of life for all, including our essential guest workers.
We thank Mayor MacDonald for her leadership.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office