Income Tax Tips that will Help Families to Save | Feb 15, 2021

Child Care Expense Deductions

You can claim payments you have made to someone who has looked after your child while you either earned an income from employment, operated a business alone or as an active partner, attended school or conducted research.

The previous Conservative government increased the dollar limits that parents can claim up to $8,000 per child who is under the age of seven, up to $5,000 for each child aged 7 to 16 (and for infirm children over the age of 16), and $11,000 for any children who are eligible for the Disability Tax Credit.

Canada Caregiver Credit

You can claim $2,230 under the Canada Caregiver Credit if you support a spouse, a common-law partner or a dependent with a physical or mental impairment. For your spouse, common-law partner or eligible dependent over 18, you may also claim an additional amount up to a maximum of $7,140.

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