Conservative Motion to Support Airline Customers and Companies | Mar 9, 2021

Conservatives have said from the start of the crisis that there would be some sectors that would be especially hard-hit. The Canadians who depend on industries like tourism, hospitality, and the charitable sector to provide for their families need support now.

By helping these heavily impacted sectors and their workers, we can secure jobs, pensions, and quicken Canada’s economic recovery. We cannot allow the pandemic to permanently kill these jobs.

Canada’s Conservatives know that these jobs matter and are vital to Canada’s economic recovery. This week, we will see if Justin Trudeau agrees.

Today, we are calling on the government to include in the next federal budget, measures to help workers and their families struggling the most in the current economic downturn by:

1. Introducing sector-specific measures to support workers in the highly impacted hospitality, tourism and charitable sectors;

2. Providing repayable loans to airlines in exchange for consumer refunds, job guarantees, restrictions on executive compensation and restoration of regional routes; and

3. Improving support programs, including lending supports, for small and medium businesses to be accessible within 30 days of the passage of this motion to prevent a wave of bankruptcies and layoffs.


Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office