National Day of Observance for COVID-19: We Need a Plan to Re-Open | Mar 11, 2021

The Hon. Erin O’Toole, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Official Opposition, issued the following statement on the National Day of Observance for COVID-19:

“Today, on the National Day of Observance for COVID-19, we take a moment to reflect on a virus that has caused a crisis of historic proportions for Canada and the world.

“In the past year, more than 22,000 Canadians have died of COVID-19, hundreds of thousands have fallen ill, and millions lost their jobs or had their work severely disrupted. The true cost of this pandemic on the lives and livelihoods of Canadians from all walks of life has been staggering.

“And yet, after a year, Canadians still do not know when we can expect life to return to normal again. Our frontline healthcare workers – Canadian nurses, PSWs, physicians, and care givers – have put it all on the line this last year and Canadians appreciate your dedication.

“They deserve to know when they can expect their lives, which have been turned upside down for a year, will return to normal.

“Small businesses that have been hanging on by a thread deserve to know when Main Street will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

“We must recommit – as Canadians – to ensure our country is never again caught unprepared. We must learn the lessons, build capacity, and ensure a swifter and more effective response in the future.

“Let’s gather up our true patriot love to ensure Canada conquers COVID-19 and emerges more united and stronger than ever before.”

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office