We Need a Plan to Safely Re-Open | Mar 16, 2021

Recently, the United Kingdom laid out a path with clear benchmarks to signal when phases of lockdown will end.

Here in Canada, Canadians are frustrated with the Trudeau Liberal’s failure to effectively tackle the COVID-19 crisis. Trudeau’s failures on rapid tests and vaccines has had an immeasurable impact on our economy, our health care systems, and Canadians and their families.

It’s time for the Liberal government to step up for Canadians, and show them a clear, data-driven plan for a path out of lockdown.

Lockdowns and restrictions were put in place to buy governments time to get permanent solutions like vaccines, rapid testing, variant testing capacity, and therapeutics – these tools now exist. The problem is, Justin Trudeau hasn’t succeeded in bringing them to widespread use in Canada.

We’re here today because they’ve failed to secure and use these tools. The Liberal government needs to tell Canadians when and how new COVID-19 restrictions can be safely and permanently lifted. It’s time for the Liberals to give Canadians a plan to safely reopen the economy and for Canadians to get back to living normal lives.

Conservatives are calling on the Liberals to give Canadians the hope they have been waiting on for over a year. Canadians need to see a clear, data-driven plan for a path out of lockdown.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office