Windsor Star: Manufacturers Intensify Campaign for Border Clarity | Mar 20, 2021

“Area manufacturers intensify campaign for clarity on border rules… Chris Lewis to present to the House of Commons next week.”

Border uncertainty costing local manufacturers ‘hundreds of millions.’ Jonathan Azzopardi, chair of the Canadian Association of Moldmakers, speaks during a news conference on Friday, March 19, 2021, at Cavalier Tool and Manufacturing Ltd. in Windsor.

Having lobbied the federal government for months seeking clarity on policy directed at essential workers crossing the U.S. border, southwest Ontario’s automotive sector is stepping up its campaign warning Ottawa of the dire risks of the status quo.

Though the petition didn’t launch publicly until Friday, over 1,000 signatures were contained in the first booklets handed over to Essex Conservative MP Chris Lewis to present to the House of Commons next week.

The campaign is a product of the recently created Windsor-Essex Border Task Force. The task force represents automakers and their supply chains, tool and die/mold makers, automation firms and service/technical professionals and owners.

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