Conservatives call on Liberals to provide clarity at the border
Essex MP Chris Lewis issues statement on cross-border commerce petition

MARCH 23, 2021

Essex, ON – Chris Lewis, Member of Parliament for Essex, issued the following statement regarding a petition from his constituents to demand clarity for business owners, workers, and customers when crossing the U.S. border to conduct their business:

“Well-paying, middle class jobs are at stake. Business owners are losing contracts to U.S. suppliers because the situation at the border is completely chaotic. Business owners have no clarity as to whether they will be deemed ‘essential’ when they arrive at the border to conduct their cross-border transactions, and they can’t afford to quarantine.

“If the chaos at the border continues, businesses in my riding will continue to lose business and this could lead to closures and job losses. Canadians need clarity on when the border will be safely reopened.

“That is why Conservatives are calling for a data-driven plan to support gradually, safely, and permanently lifting COVID-19 restrictions. I will continue to fight for businesses and workers in my riding.”

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The petition was generated by the Windsor Essex Border Task Force in response to inaction by the Federal Liberal Government and after repeated attempts to resolve the current disruption of commerce.

The Windsor Border Task Force is comprised of regional Advanced Manufacturing trade associates such as CAMM, CTMA and Automate Canada as well as Service providers to this Essential representing Professionals, Technical and Business Owners. Windsor-Essex generates $3.3B in GDP alone, includes 1000+ Manufacturers, 90+ Auto and Parts Manufacturers including 2 OEM’s and 250+ Machine, Tool, Die and Mold, Gauging Manufacturers. This does not include the businesses that service supply services to these organizations. This also includes thousands of Windsor-Essex Professionals, Technical and Business Owners with US Work Visas who generate over $1B to the GDP annually in U.S. exports. The Tool, Die, Mold and Gauging and Automation Manufacturers combined provide over 58,000 well-paying and middle-class jobs across Canada and over 80% is exported to the U.S. which is currently at risk.

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