MP Strahl Echoes Chris’ Questions on the Border | Apr 1, 2021

Have a listen. BC MP, Mark Strahl, MP raises border issues, questions Minister of Small Business, Export Development and International Trade, on the Trudeau government’s plan to “stem the flow of jobs to the US”.

“When it comes to vaccines, we are so far behind the 8-ball with the US. I was disappointed to hear there is no plan to address the border issues. I would argue we can’t simply wait to catch-up on vaccines.

We talk repeatedly about integrated supply chains. It is more than groceries, it includes people, technicians, sales managers. As my friend, Mr. Lewis said, as we fall further and further behind on vaccines, we lose more and more business to the United States which is able to operate more openly than us.

Is there a plan, I will ask again what Mr. Lewis asked, is there a plan, are there metrics in place, are you in active negotiations to come up with a way for us to stem the flow of jobs to the United States while we catch up on vaccinations, which we are so far behind the United States on?”

MP Strahl is one of four Conservative MPs on the Special Committee on Canada-US Economic Relations, along with our own Essex MP, Chris Lewis whom he refers to in his remarks. Chris has been championing border issues at CAAM.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

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