Ontario Recognizes Them As Essential, Why Not The Federal Government? | Apr 1, 2021

The Special Committee on the economic relationship between Canada and the US met today.

During my questioning of the Minister, I made the point that trade includes the people that go with the product. Our region is hemorrhaging business and jobs because law-abiding, VISA holding business owners and workers face lengthy quarantine or hefty fines when crossing the border to transact business with their US clients. I told the Minister that all they are asking of their Government is to be designated essential commerce, same as truck drivers and other essential workers.

I also asked the Minister if she has had any discussions with the Minister of Public Safety or her US counterparts about this urgent matter (clearly, she has not).

Finally, I asked her if she has seen the e-petition submitted by local manufacturers and sponsored by me making this very simple “ask” to the Trudeau Government. She committed to following up on that (and I will hold her to it) but otherwise she responded with the same stale and tiresome Liberals Talking Points we have all heard ad nauseum. It seems giving non-answers is the one skill the Liberals have mastered.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office