Poor Border Policy and Now ‘Buy America. What Are Liberals Doing? | Apr 8, 2021

Chris’ hard work on the border is paying off. The cross-border commerce issue finally made it onto the Government’s radar. Chris questioned the Minister of Foreign Affairs when he appeared before CAAM today. Here’s a highlight from their exchange. (see video below)

Lewis: “I am the Chair of the Conservative Auto Caucus. Yesterday I met with 8 or 9 stakeholders in the industry. Automobile sales are down 20% and that is because we can’t get commerce across the border, can’t get people across the border.

What specifically, Mr. Minister, are you doing and/or have you had any conversations with your counterparts in the US to ensure that manufacturers and Advanced manufacturers can get people across the border to do their jobs?”

Minister Garneau: “Glad you brought that up and yes, we are specifically talking about different groups that would be potentially considered to be essential workers, that have the need to cross the border for specific reasons, could be technicians in the automobile sector, and we are currently looking at that to see if we can refine our essential workers list as we move forward.”

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