Shannon Stubbs on the Border Chaos Harming our Communities | Apr 9, 2021

Minister of Public Safety taken to task over border chaos by Conservative Shadow Minister, Shannon Stubbs, MP Lakeland. Stubbs raises issue of border chaos, difficulties for essential workers to cross and need for a recovery plan. (See the video, with the transcript of her questions below.)

Stubbs: “Auditor General says Liberals failed and put Canadians well-being, safety, and the economy at risk. They delayed closing the borders when they should have but were still unprepared. The border is in chaos. Agents can’t keep up with changes. Public Safety Minister still hasn’t delivered the training he promised. Libs voted against our call to get a data-driven plan to get life and pay cheques back to normal. How can Canada re-open safely with this ongoing incompetence and uncertainty.”

“US-Canada border moves $2 billion a day in goods, crucial to Canada’s economy. For these essential workers it’s a gamble – told they are exempt by Public Health and overturned by border agents, could even get a $3k fine – while the NHL and elites get special treatment. An Ontarian who has crossed between auto plants for 20 years says “it depends on which Customs Agent you ask”. I wrote for clear answers, but the Public Safety and Public Health Ministers can’t decide whose in charge. The US and UK have recovery plans, where’s Canada’s plan to secure our future.”

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office