Vaccine Shortage and Border Stability | Apr 16, 2021

The Canada-US Committee met this evening. Chris raised the issue of frontline CBSA officers not having access to a vaccine. Earlier in the day he had met with the CBSA Union President who made the point that not only does this affect the health of the 300 frontline workers, but if they are exposed to Covid, it could shut down the Windsor-Detroit border, the busiest border crossing in North America.

Michael Wilson from the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Association agreed it would create huge issues, not just with respect to manufacturing but also the food supply chain as well. Wilson said his Association has advanced the need for better testing and access to vaccines for frontline Border Agents.

Another line of questioning was the red tape for business owners and their workers at the border and what could be done to simplify it. Also, Chris asked the representative from the Steel Producers, “what could be done as a Committee to promote this from our side to the US – to not bring in Chinese steel, to not bring in Turkish steel, but to promote our own steel?”. Watch the video for the full exchange.
Chris Lewis MP

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

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