Great Pharmacies Given Little Vaccine Supply | Apr 28, 2021

On Monday I met with Rob Modestino and Tim Brady, two local pharmacist owners and Joelle Walker, a VP of the Canadian Pharmacist Association.

These past few months Essex ran a pilot where pharmacists took part in administering vaccines. Their efficiency, personability and professionalism made the pilot a success.

Essex is very fortunate to have such professional and personable pharmacists.

Rob and Tim shared how their pharmacies have been affected by the slow procurement of vaccines. While administering Covid vaccines has been the some of the most rewarding work of their careers, they shared that the shortage in supply is causing lengthy wait times for hundreds of their patients.

Conservatives have been pushing for stronger vaccine contracts and for urgent negotiation to secure more supplies for our provinces. Canada cannot be playing catch up when it comes to the procurement of vaccines.

Thank you to Rob’s Whole Health Pharmacy, Brady’s Drug Store and Canadian Pharmacists Association. It’s amazing to see how our local pharmacies have stepped up. Thank you for your time and for sharing your concerns and suggestions with me.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office