2021 Budget Fails to Secure Hope for Home-Ownership and Employment | May 11, 2021

“How are the next generations going to be able to start a family, have a car and afford a house? What could have been done differently in this budget to look to the future?”

I asked this question to MP Ziad Aboultaif yesterday during debate in the House on the Liberal’s Budget Implementation Act.

MP Aboultaif’s response was on point: “The fiscal anchors are the answers, and they did not exist in this budget.”

Budgets summarize the plans of the government. They’re intended to chart a course for the future, to instill confidence and hope in Canadians. Instead, the Liberal 2021 budget, has neglected the fiscal anchors that create well-paying jobs, and ensure affordable homes for future generations.

In short, this Budget fails to secure the financial future of Canadians. The next generation will be saddled with deficit spending and a towering amount of government debt.

Canadians need hope. My Conservative colleagues and I have been calling for an economic recovery plan based on sound fiscal principles.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office