Presenting a Third Petition for Travel Advisors | May 13, 2021

12,000 Independent Travel Advisors have gone over 13 months receiving ZERO commissions.

Independent Travel Advisors earn exclusively by commission and must wait up to 11 months to receive their pay after booking a trip for a client.

It has been over a year since they have earned any commissions because of the COVID travel restrictions.

Today I presented a Petition asking the Government:

1) To extend the CRB for 6 months past the lifting of all travel advisories;

2) To keep the CRB at its current amount for the sectors hit the hardest, like our Travel Advisors.

This is the third petition I have presented on behalf of our Travel Advisors. I look forward to the government’s response to these critical issues.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office