Line 5: Will the Government Ever Speak up? | May 13, 2021

During debate on Motion 61 in support of Canada’s oil & gas sector, I made the case of the vital importance of Line 5 and urged the Government to take immediate action to keep Line 5 open.

To put it in real terms – the 540,000 barrels of oil that flow through Line 5 every day, provide half of Ontario’s energy needs. It heats homes and businesses, fuels vehicles and powers industry.

While I support measures to preserve our environment for future generations, shutting down this pipeline will have catastrophic consequences.

If we are going to move certain industries to a zero-emission, such as the auto sector, we need to root our goals in reality. To do otherwise is to create unnecessary hardship and suffering and risk energy poverty instead of sustainable growth.

As I said in my speech, “This Government’s record on the oil & gas industry, is among its saddest legacies. It alleges support for Line 5, the Minister describing it as “non-negotiable”, but the Government has done little to demonstrate that support.” I once again urged the Prime Minister to call President Biden. It’s not clear that he has.

Meanwhile, as Conservative Leader, the Honourable Erin O’Toole said, “So far, this government’s approach to Line 5 looks a lot like its approach to Keystone XL in November: pray for the best and hope the worst doesn’t come to pass. That is not leadership. Canada needs real action to secure our future.”

I wholeheartedly agree.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office