New Mothers Need Urgent Help with EI Maternity Benefits | June 4, 2021

Today, I addressed the urgent need to fix EI-Maternity Leave Benefits. The transcript of my speech is below:

“At the outset of the pandemic, Canadians facing hardships were promised the support they needed.

Today, I stand with Raquel Dancho, the MP for Kildonan – St. Paul to bring attention to a maternity benefit issue that needs urgent action.
So many mothers have lost their jobs during the pandemic. Those still working have reduced hours and may not qualify. Chrysler workers are on lay-off until the fall.

New mothers and pregnant woman currently receiving EI benefits may be forced back to work within weeks of giving birth. They will need to file a new claim, requiring new insurable hours to qualify.

These moms should not have to cut short precious time with their newborn children.

As a temporary measure, Conservatives are calling on the Government to allow expectant mothers and new mothers on EI to receive their full maternity benefits, regardless of the insurable hours.

Time is running out for these mothers. To quote my colleague, “Protecting maternity benefits is something all parliamentarians can support.”

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office