33,200 Full-time Jobs Gone | July 9, 2021

The June Job Report is out.

33,200 full-time jobs were lost.

Even more troubling, the economy falls more than 340,000 jobs short of meeting the Liberal promise to restore pre-pandemic employment levels by June 2021.

This is a disastrous economic record. A record shared by their NDP partners.

The Liberal/NDP Parliamentary coalition ignored our repeated warnings. Canadian workers are suffering the consequences of their failure to develop an economic recovery plan.

Close to home, their tone-deaf refusal to designate business owners as essential, despite repeated appeals, hamstrung our local manufacturers’ ability to secure contracts and well-paying jobs for the future.

The Liberal tax and spend spring Budget, yet again propped up by the NDP, was heavy on rhetoric and shiny baubles, but offered no plan to re-open our economy and put Canada back on track.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office