The AAS/SCAP Airsoft Field | August 07, 2021

Great to attend the AAS/SCAR Airsoft field in Windsor, last evening.

They describe themselves as a big family, getting exercise and enjoying the outdoors. Many said without the club, they would otherwise sit at home.

Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair want to take away this safe sport under Bill C-21.
I, along with my Conservative colleagues, will always stand up for the Rights and Freedoms of legal firearm owners.

This group and many others are not the problem. Illegal guns entering our country and gang violence must be addressed to curb the violence.

Remember that, in the soon-to-be-called election, the Liberals and NDP will take away your firearms because they look “scary.”

To my knowledge, no one has been been killed by an air soft gun!

Please get active, vocal and support your local Conservative Candidate, this election, if you want to keep your sports alive.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office