A Failure in Housing that Most Can’t Afford | August 11, 2021

Yesterday’s report shows this governments housing plans have failed to meet their planned targets. While housing prices continue to reach historic levels, the Trudeau Liberals are failing to make homes more affordable for Canadians.

“Flashy announcements and promises of ever-increasing spending will not fix the housing affordability crisis in Canada. We need a housing plan in Canada that gets homes built and empowers Canadians to be able to own a home in their lifetime. The Liberals’ delayed, mismanaged, and ineffective programs do the opposite. “

Canadians can’t afford more of the same from this government. If you are not worried about an affordable place to live or the rising cost of owning a home, you have three parties to choose from. If you are, you only have one choice – Canada’s Conservatives.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office