Canada’s Highest Inflation Since 2003 | Oct 20, 2021

Canada’s inflation rate is at its highest point since 2003, with the cost of living up 4.4 per cent compared to a year ago. Today’s numbers show the damage Justin Trudeau has inflicted on our economy, with his risky deficits and trillion-dollar debt that he has saddled on Canadians.

Justin Trudeau has had the opportunity to recall Parliament and send a strong signal to Canadians that he is ready to get serious about the economic challenges facing our country, and yet he has failed to do so at every opportunity over the last few weeks.

With Justin Trudeau leading our economy, everything from gas to groceries to housing is getting more expensive under his watch.

Unlike the Trudeau government, Canada’s Conservatives are ready to get back to work, and tackle the economic challenges that Canadians elected Parliament to handle.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office