Cost of Living Crisis to Get Worse Under Trudeau

OCTOBER 27, 2021

OTTAWA, ON – The Hon. Ed Fast, Member of Parliament for Abbotsford, and Luc Berthold, Member of Parliament for Mégantic—L’Érable, released the following statement regarding the Bank of Canada’s Monetary Policy Report on inflation:

“Today, the Bank of Canada stated that Canada’s cost of living crisis is going to get worse and for much longer. This means Canadians will be paying more for everyday essentials like gas, groceries, and housing.

“The rising inflation and costs that Canadians will face over the coming months is why Justin Trudeau should think about monetary policy. By stating that he doesn’t, he is telling Canadians he doesn’t care about higher bills for Canadians.

“Justin Trudeau needs to take the cost of living crisis that Canadians are facing seriously. This means putting forward a fall economic update, presenting a plan to deliver real economic growth, and protecting the purchasing power of Canadians.

“Unlike the Trudeau government, Canada’s Conservatives are ready to get back to work, and tackle the economic challenges that Canadians elected Parliament to handle.”

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office