Expanding Expense Claims for Tradespersons | Feb 8, 2022

Today, it was my honour to rise in the House to introduce legislation to amend the Income Tax Act to allow tradespersons to claim travel expenses for work at least 120 kilometers from their residence in the same manner that self-employed individuals can claim.

It was a double honour to present this Bill as Deputy Shadow Minister for Labour.

This is a matter of basic fairness to me. I made a commitment to trades people and their representatives in my riding to bring this forward if re-elected. My bill is expected to come up for debate in the spring. I look forward to working with all parties in the House to pass this important legislation.
I would like to thank my colleague, Warren Steinley, Member of Parliament for Regina-Lewvan for seconding my Bill.

Please see the attached video and text below. We only have 30 seconds to speak to our Bill when introducing. There will be lots of opportunity for speeches at 2nd Reading.

“Mr. Speaker, by 2025, Canada will need an additional 350,000 trades people to fill the void. I look forward to working with parties in this place to pass this important legislation and give the necessary support for our trades across the country when they travel for work.”

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office