Some Information | Feb 12, 2022

Thank you to those that have been contacting me through social media and the office today.

Here is some information in regards to your question about the Conservative motion to lift all federal mandates and restrictions.

This past week, the Conservatives introduced the following Opposition Day motion: That, given that provinces are lifting COVID-19 restrictions and that Dr. Theresa Tam has said that all existing public health measures need to be “re-evaluated” so that we can “get back to some normalcy”, the House call on the government to table a plan for the lifting of all federal mandates and restrictions, and to table that plan by February 28, 2022.

Recently, we’ve seen two Liberal MPs saying what Conservatives have been saying for a year: the Prime Minister needs to depoliticize the pandemic and follow the science. They also stated that Justin Trudeau decided to use the pandemic to wedge, divide, and stigmatize Canadians.

Canadians just want their lives back. Conservatives are calling on the Trudeau government to follow the evidence; follow the science, and table a plan to quickly end all federal mandates and restrictions.

Canadians deserve a plan — it’s time the Prime Minister gave them one.

This is a Conservative motion, meaning the Conservatives will be supporting this motion.

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Thanks everyone!

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office