An Important Message from my Office | Feb 18, 2022

The events across our nation, especially over the past two weeks, are unprecedented.

Our office has been flooded with incoming phone calls, social media comments, direct messages and emails in opposition to Justin Trudeau’s Emergencies Act. This includes other related matters that have arisen as a result of the Freedom convoy protest in Ottawa, notably, the Conservative Opposition Motion calling for a plan to end the mandates. As you know, this Motion was defeated by the combined votes of the Liberals and NDP.

Invoking the Emergencies Act (EA) is a clear case of government overreach. Chris and his Conservative colleagues will vote against ratifying it.

Sadly, the House has suspended the sitting today and with it, the vitally important debate on the EA. The police are in the process of removing the trucks from downtown Ottawa and arresting truckers who remain.

This entirely preventable crisis was caused by Justin Trudeau refusing to use common sense and instead intentionally wedging, dividing, and stigmatizing Canadians. Instead of relying on the tools already available to police that peacefully resolved the border blockades without violent incident, he has instituted the Emergency Act for the first time in Canadian history.

The following organizations have now come out publicly against the Liberal overreach:

World Sikh Organization of Canada
BC Civil Liberties Association
Canadian Constitution Federation

This is in addition to opposition from the governments of NS, NB, PEI, QC, MB, AB and SK.

Opposition to Liberal overreach is growing, and these Canadians can count on Conservatives to raise their concerns in this emergency debate.

Our policy is to reply to our constituents in a reasonable time. At this time, we are receiving hundreds of incoming messages per day and we are doing our best to process and reply to them all.

As you can appreciate, many of Chris’ constituents are struggling and in need of our urgent assistance with government programs.

We ask those contacting our office to be patient while we work on responding.

In the meanwhile, please email your questions, comments and concerns to Please also make sure to contact Liberal and NDP MPs to express your opposition to the Emergencies Act. They urgently need to hear from Canadians who oppose this unnecessary EA.

It is important to Chris to hear from you. We ask, however, to keep in mind that contacting the office multiple times by different means just triples the workload. You can be assured that your views will be recorded and brought to Chris’ attention.

Please continue to follow us for the latest information.

Thank you.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office