A Statement About Bill S-233 | March 12, 2022

My office has been receiving a high number of inquiries about Bill S-233. The Bill is essentially a universal basic income bill.

I do not see anything in the Bill itself that excludes the unvaccinated. See below for the Bill link and a statement on the development of the legislation from the Bill itself.

I am assuming that the Conservatives will vote against this as it encourages people to avoid active participation in the workplace and society. The Conservative MPs will need to study and research this Bill further to find the right angle of questioning as it enters the House of Commons for debate once it passes through the Senate.

Bill S-233

National Framework Development

3 (1) The Minister must develop a national framework for the implementation of a guaranteed livable basic income program throughout Canada for any person over the age of 17, including temporary workers, permanent residents and refugee claimants.


Furthermore, Bill C-273 is the old version of the same Bill, that was introduced in the House of Commons but didn’t get through the House. Once again, I do not see anything that outlines the exclusion of unvaccinated seniors in that Bill. However, we are, of course, concerned about this Bill and any policy that excludes portions of the population for not being vaccinated.

I, along with the Conservative Caucus will fight to stop this Bill especially if it presents itself to limit the rights and freedoms of Canadians.

I hope this helps clarify the information that is being sent around.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office