Today, Parliament will debate our motion | March 24, 2022

The people of Windsor-Essex have stepped up to do the hard work of getting through the pandemic – following public health measures, getting vaccinated, and making tremendous sacrifices to avoid visiting loved ones, activities, or travel.

The two years of isolation is intensifying our mental health crisis and exhausting health care providers, essential workers, and even families and our society as a whole.

My colleagues and I are offering a reasonable solution to the Prime Minister to end the division and stigmatization by following the science, and immediately ending all federal vaccine mandates and restrictions on Canadians.

My constituents deserve to be able to move on with their lives. It’s time the Prime Minister and the NDP step up and work with us, on ensuring all Canadians can get back their jobs, travel freely, and contribute to the recovery of our local businesses, industries, and tourism.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office