Statement from Shadow Minister of Ethics and Accountable Government | March 9, 2022


Ottawa, ON – Today, James Bezan, Conservative Shadow Minister for Ethics and Accountable Government, released the following statement regarding his letter to the Privacy Commissioner regarding the breach of Canadians’ privacy through leaked data:

“Today, I’ve written to the Privacy Commissioner requesting an investigation into the illegal hacking of crowdfunding platforms.

“Over the past month, the illegal hacking of crowdfunding platforms and email accounts has resulted in tens of thousands of Canadians’ personal information being circulated online.

“In some instances, Canadians have had unredacted images of their passports and driver’s licenses exposed and shared online for others to download. This blatant breach of privacy has resulted in ‘doxxing’ campaigns on social media, numerous media stories in national and international media, mapping of personal and business addresses found in this data, and targeted harassment campaigns.

“While it’s important that those who were charged for any illicit activities are held to account through a fair and just process, it is equally important that the privacy rights of all Canadians are respected. The data of tens of thousands of Canadians being illegally obtained and widely circulated without their consent is a blatant breach of privacy that I believe requires the Commissioner’s immediate attention.

“During his recent testimony at the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics (ETHI), the Privacy Commissioner raised concerns surrounding Canadians’ personal information being used, without their knowledge, for purposes other than those they expected. In this instance, it is obvious that the personal information of tens of thousands of Canadians has been used for unforeseen purposes and has the potential to be used for more moving forward.

“Canadians deserve answers, and to have their privacy respected. That’s why Conservatives have written to the Privacy Commissioner to get them.”

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office