Supporting Bill C-228 | April 1, 2022

Today I spoke in support of Bill C-228 on The Pension Protection Act that my friend and colleague, Marilyn Gladu, Sarnia-Lambton MP has brought forward as her Private Member’s Bill. This Bill will help ensure that Pensions will be further protected!

“A pension is the portion of a worker’s wages that companies put aside for their worker’s retirement. This is money employees have not only earned but is understood to be their reward for the years they have worked. It is heartbreaking to hear countless stories of employees that have had their pensions drastically cut and their plans for their retirement dashed [because of bankruptcy]… 

Let’s act now before we have another General Chemical or Sears scenario. It’s always a good time to do the right thing.”

See the whole speech below.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office