Bill C-11 Receives Royal Assent | Apr 27, 2023

The Senate has passed the government’s censorship bill, C-11, after invoking time allocation in both the House and the Senate, and despite significant pushback from Canadians.

This legislation will break your search bar. Instead of showing you to the things you want to view, it will direct you to the things the government wants you to view.

Conservatives fought Bill C-11 since day one and proposed amendments to fully exempt the content Canadians post on social media from these draconian rules – but the Liberal NDP coalition rejected these changes. Conservatives will continue this fight against Liberal censorship.

Only a Poilievre government will repeal Bill C-11 and will protect the individual rights and freedoms of Canadians.
Do you support Justin Trudeau and the NDP on this or do you want to see this censorship bill repealed??!!

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office