Reporting Sites to be Re-Opened | May 19, 2022

A win for Conservatives! Not enough small vessel reporting sites being open has been an issue for boaters for several weeks. I brought this issue up in the House of Commons last week as a result of a conversation with a friend.

Today the CBSA announced that MOST reporting sites will be re-opened tomorrow, including several in the Windsor-Essex area. After recently asking questions about this issue I am glad to see these sites re-opening for the long weekend without which boaters could have been left in dangerous waters!!

Thank you fellow MPs, Raquel Dancho, Melissa Lantsman, Lianne Rood M.P. and Tony Baldinelli for their work and questions to the Liberal Government in the House of Commons on this issue. It was a great team effort. To all boaters in the Windsor-Essex area, and across Canada, enjoy the long weekend on the water and stay safe!