Public Inquiry Rejected | May 23, 2023

Today, at noon, David Johnston made a shocking decision to deny a public inquiry. This comes after months of alarming allegations that the Trudeau government turned a blind eye to foreign interference in our election, including funding of nomination candidates and harassment targeting ethnic communities and a Conservative MP.

Whistleblowers within our national security agencies are so gravely concerned about the Prime Minister’s failure to safeguard our democracy from the Beijing regime that they have been compelled to approach the media. It’s a distressing situation when those responsible for our security feel compelled to seek action outside of the government that has disregarded their concerns.

We implore the Prime Minister to heed the call of Parliament, disregard his dubious rapporteur, and take immediate action by initiating an open, independent public inquiry. The truth must be unveiled, and our democracy must be protected. Canadians demand transparency and accountability.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office