C-11: The New C-10 | June 13, 2022

Some information on the Liberal Internet Regulation Bill C-11.

As they did in the previous parliament with Bill C-10, Liberals have introduced a guillotine motion in the House of Commons in order to ram through Bill C-11.

Bill C-11 is a near copy of the Liberals’ deeply flawed Bill C-10 that fails to address the serious concerns raised by experts, industry stakeholders, and Canadians.

While the Liberals claim there is now an exemption for user generated content, this legislation allows the CRTC to regulate any content that generates revenue ‘directly or indirectly.’ That means virtually all content could still be regulated including independent content creators earning a living on social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Spotify.

Bill C-11 requires an extensive review and debate – if not scrapped altogether. It is wrong for the Liberals and NDP to support restricting debate and fast-tracking such a controversial bill that could have huge repercussions on how Canadians access content online.

I will continue to be the voice for Canadians concerned about their rights and freedoms on the internet and who have been left behind by the Liberal/NDP government.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office