Consequences of Reckless Government Spending | Jan 22, 2022

Liberals’ ‘more inflation’ plan delivers highest inflation in nearly 40 years.

Less than a week after the Deputy Prime Minister presented her so-called solution to the inflationary crisis, the problem is only getting worse with prices climbing by 7.7 per cent – the highest increase in nearly four decades.

The inflation-driven cost-of-living crisis caused by Justin Trudeau’s reckless spending is making life harder for Canadians. Canadians are struggling to feed their families, with food prices jumping by 9.7 per cent in the last year. They’re struggling to afford the roof over their heads, with rents continuing to climb and the price of a home increasing by 20 per cent this year. They’re struggling to fill up their cars, with prices over $2.00/litre and the Liberals refusing to provide any relief.

I will continue to be the voice of Essex looking for relief from the cost-of-living crisis. While Justin Trudeau continues to offer hollow words and empty promises, I will continue to fight for solutions that leave more money in the pockets of Canadians and protect the value of the money that they earn.

Are you ready to hold the Liberal and NDP accountable for the out-of-control cost of living?

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office