The Many Problems of Bill C-11 | June 22, 2022

Flawed Bill C-11 will do more harm than good.

Bill C-11 does not modernize the Broadcasting Act, it simply takes a 31-year-old regulatory framework and applies it to modern technology it is not compatible with.

Bill C-11 is a backwards-looking bill. Once implemented, it will provide barriers to innovation and global competitiveness that will hold back our broadcasting industry.

Conservatives were clear that the provisions that enable the inclusion of User Generated Content need to be removed from this bill. Unfortunately, at every attempt, the Liberals and their partners in the NDP rejected this common-sense amendment.

In order to pass this bill, they shut down debate in the House of Commons, ended witness testimony while dozens of voices were yet to be heard, and forced votes on over 100 amendments without any discussion or explanation.

The truth is, the Liberals and NDP have been repeating falsehoods about the contents of the bill and the undemocratic processes they have been supporting to get this bill through the House of Commons to meet an arbitrary deadline.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office