Embarrassing Airport Delays | July 6, 2022

Our airports have become an international embarrassment.

According to one media report, even the majority of Liberal MPs would like to see Trudeau drop the travel restrictions. Especially the vaccine requirement for domestic travel. However, when they push their own leadership on why these requirements are still necessary, ‘there’s never any straight or particularly convincing answer,’ one MP was quoted as saying.

Canadians deserve an honest answer from Trudeau about why he is risking our international reputation, and condemning our tourism sector, by refusing to return to pre-pandemic travel restrictions. Especially when the data shows lifting these restrictions would be a direct influx of travelers to boost our recovering tourism sector.

I will continue to stand up for our tourism sector and what’s left of our international reputation among travelers. The NDP-Liberal government must follow our allies’ examples, industry experts, and the needs of the tourism sector by refusing to acknowledge the obvious issue and return to pre-pandemic travel rules today.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office