Lewis Named to New Conservative Leader Poilievre’s Shadow Cabinet | Oct 15, 2022

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre released his list of parliamentary critics this past week, and the list includes Essex MP Chris Lewis.

Lewis has been appointed as the Shadow Minister for Labour, a role he held prior to Poilievre’s election as CPC leader.

Lewis says he’s looking forward to reaching out to more organizations that represent workers across the country and bringing their concerns to the House of Commons while keeping the Liberal government accountable for their actions and legislation.

“Workers are struggling with inflation and living costs and they need economic policy that brings inflation down, assists with the cost of living, and secures jobs and employment during the biggest energy transition of our generation,” he said.

Lewis says he’s also looking forward to supporting workers through his Private Member’s Bill: Bill C-241.

“As a deduction of travel expenses for tradespersons, this will help towards tradespeople traveling within Canada and getting to where the work is situated without paying out of pocket.”