In case you missed it… | Nov 7, 2022

Last week, the house voted and passed our Conservative motion calling for the Auditor General to conduct a performance audit on the ArriveCAN app to ensure full transparency and accountability for the government’s role.

That, given that,

(i) the cost of government is driving up the cost of living,

(ii) the Parliamentary Budget Officer states that 40% of new spending is not related to COVID-19,

(iii) Canadians are now paying higher prices and higher interest rates as a result,

(iv) it is more important than ever for the government to respect taxpayer dollars and eliminate wasteful spending,

the House call on the Auditor General to conduct a performance audit, including the payments, contracts and sub-contracts for all aspects of the ArriveCAN App, and to prioritize this investigation.

Do you think there is anything to be seen here?

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office