Yet another rate hike | July 19, 2023

Canadians deserve better than skyrocketing costs under the Liberal NDP partnership! The latest inflation data from StatsCan reveals alarming figures for June.

With CPI at 2.8%, inflation stands at a staggering 4% if we exclude gasoline. But it doesn’t stop there. Groceries have shot up by a staggering 9.1% year over year, hitting Canadian households hard. And brace yourselves, folks, because mortgage costs have surged by a jaw-dropping 30.1% in the past year alone, setting a record-breaking increase for the fourth consecutive month.

This government can’t dismiss inflation as a non-issue when it directly affects every Canadian trying to put food on the table and find a decent place to live. It’s time to hold them accountable!

The Conservative Party of Canada is committed to change. We will eliminate the Liberal/NDP taxes burdening gas and groceries, and put an end to Trudeau’s inflationary deficits. Our aim? To make life more affordable for each and every one of you.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office