After 8 years, Trudeau/NDP not worth the cost | Sep 17, 2023

“We’re punishing the rural areas of our country and the most vulnerable people in our society.” – Ken McDonald, Liberal MP for Avalon

September 15, 2023

Ottawa, ON – Canada’s common sense Conservatives released the following statement on the admission by two more Trudeau Liberals that their inflationary carbon taxes are harming Canadians.

“Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Members of Parliament are finally admitting the harm of the policies they have been forcing on Canadians for years, with MPs Ken McDonald and Kody Blois joining MP Wayne Long in attacking Justin Trudeau’s carbon taxes that their entire caucus supported.

“These MPs voted for these policies over and over again. They dismissed the concerns of Canadians from coast to coast about increasing their cost of living. It is only now that it is clear this may impact their fortunes at the ballot box that they’ve begun to care.

“They have also admitted that Justin Trudeau’s carbon taxes punish the vulnerable in Canada the most. By increasing the cost of gas, heat, and groceries, they make the most basic necessities out of reach. Driving to work, putting food on the table and heating homes in the dead of winter have all become more expensive under this Liberal Government.

“This is not just a rural issue. The number of Canadians living paycheque to paycheque is growing everywhere in the country. New numbers out this week show the amount of debt Canadians owe, particularly on credit cards, is growing rapidly. Justin Trudeau’s inflationary tax is hurting Canadians in every part of the country, rural and urban.

“Conservatives will axe Justin Trudeau’s inflationary taxes, reducing the cost of gas, heat, and groceries to bring home lower prices for Canadians.”

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office