Facts from the Newest Parliamentary Budget Office Report | Sep 19, 2023

Conservative Shadow Ministers John Barlow and Richard Lehoux respond to the latest PBO report, revealing that Trudeau’s carbon tax on natural gas and propane will cost farmers $978 million by 2030.

Our farmers are the backbone of our nation, and they deserve better. Common sense Conservative Bill C-234 would remove the carbon tax from on-farm uses, saving farmers nearly $1 billion by 2030.

Agriculture is a valuable pillar of our nation’s heritage, and it is crucial to our economy. Sadly, after eight years of Trudeau’s carbon tax, more and more Canadian farm families are disappearing. Common sense Conservatives will continue to stand for Canadian farmers and their families, and we will prioritize axing the Trudeau-NDP carbon tax to bring down the cost of food, gas and heat for Canadians.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office