Liberal-NDP Coalition and Bloc Vote To Make Food More Expensive | Dec 14, 2023

Ottawa, ON – Yesterday, the Liberal-NDP coalition and the Bloc voted down a common sense Conservative motion that would have removed the tax from farmers and brought home lower food prices for all Canadians.

It’s clear that Justin Trudeau and his costly coalition are not making decisions to benefit Canadians. Instead, he’s focused on saving his desperate Liberal Party from further embarrassment. Next year, a family of four will spend $16,297 on groceries alone, an increase of over $700 from this year. The cost of food is so high that Canadians have to choose between putting food on the table, filling up their gas tank or paying rent. No wonder a record number of Canadians visited food banks in 2023.

The Liberals will claim that the carbon tax doesn’t raise the cost of food, but when you tax the farmer that grows the food and the trucker that transports the food, you tax the Canadian who buys the food. This is why Conservatives introduced common sense Bill C-324 to axe the tax for farmers and give Canadians some relief during a cost-of-living crisis.

After this Bill passed through the House of Commons, Trudeau launched a pressure campaign against his Liberal Senators after his Environment Minister threatened to quit. Trudeau himself personally called his Senators and pressured them to gut the Bill. And now, Liberal MPs refused to accept a unanimous consent motion that would have rejected the Senate amendments and lowered food costs for all Canadians. It’s clear that Justin Trudeau is not worth the cost.

Only common sense Conservatives will axe the tax and bring home lower prices for all Canadians.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office